I'm Christi Chambers.

My little family and I just recently traded the humid rolling hills of Atlanta for the humid cornfield country of central Illinois. I'm not just a mommy/wife/photographer. At my very first sleepover as a child, I won runner-up for best impersonation with my Eeyore impression.

My talents know no limits.

Photography is in my blood. I'm one of several professional image-creators in my family, and for the first half of my life, I insisted that I would never, ever become a photographer myself.
Then, one day in college, I picked up a camera and took a picture of a ladybug.

Now, after 11 years of shooting professionally, here's a few of the highlights: shooting for an adventure company in the Berkshire Mountains, eBay's largest gem and mineral dealer, home births, the StoryCollider podcast, the Atlanta Shakespeare Company, and weddings all over the US.

These days, I photograph weddings and families and spend my free time saying things like "It's not nice to stick maxi pads to the dog" and watching obscure British TV shows with my husband (once the tiny destructive force that is our toddler goes to bed).


Awards and Industry Recognition


Winner of Five WedAwards -- An international wedding photography competition

Accepted into Fearless Photographers, “A Directory of the World’s Best Wedding Photographers”

Winner of a Fearless Award — "An international competition for the world’s top wedding photographers"

Accepted into the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association), passing rigorous standards for quality and style

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