I've recently fallen in love and left my committed relationship...

with my old album companies.

They were wonderful, and I'm still so proud of every album I designed and ordered from them, but I wanted a fresher (but still world class) album company to offer my clients.

And boy howdy, I found 'em.

It's a hard decision to move to a new company when new sample albums run you several hundred bucks just to start, but my sample finally landed on my doorstep yesterday, and it was so. worth it.

For all weddings moving forward, I'll be offering RedTree Albums to my clients, and I truly believe it's an invaluable addition to their wedding experience.

12x12 album in Deep Sea luxe linen with gold debossing

12x12 album in Deep Sea luxe linen with gold debossing

I went back an forth on whether or not to offer all of the cover options because I think decision fatigue is such a huge (and underrated) factor for brides that can negatively color the experience of wedding planning.

But I decided to order the entire color palette for every cover option (leathers, linens, fabrics), because I believe that after spending a year getting to know my couples' personalities, the feel of their wedding aesthetic, their budget, and probably even a few questions about their home decor, I'll be able to confidently recommend what I believe would be the top three cover options for them.


One of the big reasons I went with RedTree was their great options for cover debossing. They have several foil color options, font options, and they even do a super-modern blind debossing (the text imprint without any foil in it). I swoon over swoon-worthy album debossing. It's my thing, man.


What's that you ask? You want to see pictures of Stella? Right this way.


I completely monopolized her squirrel-watching perch while shooting my samples, and do you know how many squirrels got away with eating birdseed because of it? So many.


But, anyway... sexy, sexy wedding albums. Coming to a lucky newlywed couple near you.