Wedding day rain

It's funny how things work out. Springfield, MO isn't huge, but it certainly isn't tiny either...

It wasn't until after we were talking wedding photography (which was a completely chance meeting all its own) that Caitlin and I discovered that I not only knew her older brother from college, but that I actually knew her fiancé and his family because we'd carpooled for years in elementary school.

Just makes me wonder what it would be like to go back to our carpool days and say to Benjamin, "Someday, when you fall in love with a girl and get married," (EWWWWW) "this kid next to you in a plaid dress and non-ironic pigtails is going to take pictures of the whole thing."

Life is weird, and I like it.

Nothing makes me more excited for a wedding than a couple that adores each other, and this one fits the bill. I'm so excited for this November 2017 wedding in Springfield, MO!

Sequiota Park Springfield, MO
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Sequiota Bike Shop
All Saints Anglican Church
All Saints Anglican Church
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Allerton Mansion Wedding

View more of their session here:

Caitlin and Benjamin's wedding planner is Mary Douglas of Bringing It Together. I've literally known Mary my entire life, and she works some serious magic at weddings. Can't wait to see what she puts together for these two at First and Calvary and The Old Glass Place!!