It's always a happy-dance kinda day when you open your inbox to this:

"We're pleased to inform you..."

Wedding photography is such a subjective pursuit. What you love and think is interesting and beautiful may not be exactly what the next person thinks is interesting and beautiful, so when a wedding photographer gets concrete evidence that credible people in the industry think your work is great, you walk around with a huge grin on your face for three straight days.

All that to say, I'm on day three of smiling over here because three images from my portfolio were recently selected and named winners in the Twentieth Collection of the WedAwards, and I'm over the moon!

What I think is cool is that all three of these images included, at some point, me saying to my couples something to the effect of trust me! Whether it's scrambling over rocks or getting sprinkled on or hopping in the golf cart to shoot at a location several minutes from the reception, my couples are just always game for my suggestions.

Y'all are seriously the best. Thank you!!!!!

Award winning photographer