"How'd your shoots in Atlanta go?"
"Oh ya know, alright. Just maybe some of my favorites ever."

I got to visit my old stomping grounds (Atlanta) this past weekend to shoot Alexis and Jay's engagement session, and these three ('63 Cadillacs are people too) knocked it out of the park.

I'd say Alexis and Jay are kinda fond of each other.

Thanks definitely goes out to Jeanette Denham (a former bride of mine and one of Alexis's bridesmaids) for art-directing this incredible shoot, Gennie Stephens (also a former bride of mine and one of Alexis's bridesmaids), and Angie Mitchell (one of my dear second shooters) for assisting with gear and lighting and always knowing where my keys are when I don't. Love all you guys so much!

Holy hell, I can't wait for this wedding in Naples, FL next January. Fun fact: Alexis grew up in the US Virgin Islands, and I've been told there are going to be steel drums.

Steel drums, you guys.

Anyway, enjoy this Madmen-inspired engagement session with Alexis and Jay! I sure did.